Every day around the world, HarbisonWalker International's people and products stand up to the challenges and pressures of every job; and for 150 years, they've served virtually every industry that needs refractory products. For this reason, we offer HarbisonWalker International's products to meet the demanding needs of the forging and blacksmithing industries. From new builds to maintenance needs, we have it covered. Our offerings include products such as insulating materials to keep your outer shell cooler; castables to help insulate and keep in the heat; high-temperature brick to withstand heat and abrasion; and mortars to keep it all together. Potential applications include blacksmithing, horseshoe making, knife making, iron working, tool making, sculptures, grills, grates, and more. Whether your an artisan, hobbyist or manufacturer, we have you covered. Just call us with your questions - we'll be glad to help.
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