Castable products need to cure before you can use them. When casting a dome and hearth in a pizza oven, for example, and then adding a castable insulation material under the hearth or over the dome, you will need to pour and set the dome/hearth castable first, and then pour and set the insulation castable second.

For example, if using KS-4V Plus to cast your pizza oven dome, first pour your KS-4 Plus let it cure 24 hours. Then pour Kast-O-Lite as insulation on top and cure that for 24 hrs . After the cure has been completed for both proceed to the dry out heat sequence. 

The dry out sequence basically means letting the material cure for a minimum of 24 hours, then heating up at 100 degrees/hour until 1200 degrees (or the desired temperature) is reached. Hold for 1 hour for every inch of thickness. Then reduce at 100 degrees/hour until ambient temperature is achieved.

Pizza ovens are usually run at 700-800 F so you could do the hold at these temperatures instead of 1200F. Basically in these applications the water and the bonding that’s needed is done at 550-650 F.  

NOTE: These are general guidelines and you should always refer to the manufacturer's instructions. If dry out procedures are needed for a specific product you can request them by contacting the manufacturer or sending us an email at