Masonry Cement Color - 5 lb.

Product Size: Rainbow Color - 5 lb., bright red


5-lb. Masonry Color for Mortar, Gypsum & Cement

Whether you need to match the color of your existing masonry or create a totally unique appearance, our Rainbow Cement Colors can help to make your construction projects look truly professional. Shipped in a 5-lb. container (click here for the smaller 1-lb. size), these universal tinting pigments for mortar, gypsum and cement come in several pre-mixed colors and can also be combined to create an endless variety of shades. They are fully compatible with Heat Stop refractory products including Heat Stop II, Heat Stop 50 and Heatcast 40.

Rainbow Cement Color mixes are free from soluble salts and acids and are easily dispersed in water. Because of their resistance to weather, they can be used in exterior construction and will not deteriorate in storage, should you need to save your pigment for later use.

Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. 

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Note: Colors as shown on our site may vary from one device to another. Actual colors may be slightly different from what you see here.

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