Product Size: Mizzou Castable Plus - 1 - 55 lb bag


MIZZOU CASTABLE PLUS from HarbisonWalker International is a well-established 60 percent alumina conventional dense castable refractory rated 3,000 degrees F that offers consistent strength and reliability. FREE Shipping.

Mizzou is installer friendly and suitable for blacksmithing, forging and many other applications including in incinerators, boilers, burner blocks, aluminum furnace upper sidewalls and roofs, wood-burning ovens, among others. MIZZOU CASTABLE PLUS can be dried out at 100 degrees F / hour after a 24 hour cure. You'll need 140 lbs. of product per cu. ft. Mix about 0.6 gallons of water per 55 lb. of product. Call for pricing and delivery information for larger orders. Available in 55 lb. bags.

Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. 

Shipping is FREE on all orders (contiguous US). Available in a single bag, 6 bags, 10 bags and in a full pallet of 72 bags.

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