Mortar Mix-413



Mortar Mix-413: Refractory mortar for pizza ovens, firepits, outdoor fireplaces and furnaces. FREE Shipping.

Mortar mix-413 is a hydraulic cold-set, fast-setting water-resistant bonding mortar mix. It is non-water soluble and can be used in the installation of firebrick and masonry in bread and pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens, firepits, boilers, fireplaces, and furnaces that reach temperatures of up to 2,900 degrees F. This product can be used in interior or exterior applications where moisture is present. Just add water - 85 lbs lays up approximately 100 firebricks. One bag can be used to mortar 1/4" joints for approximately 64 bricks ("9 size). 

    This product is currently on back order and will ship in 3-4 weeks. We are continuing to accepting orders.
    Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. Remember, SHIPPING IS FREE for all orders (contiguous US only). 

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