Customers building a pizza oven or furnace have a few different options for insulation. Our Insul Cast refractory castable is recommended as a back-up to firebrick, or other types of solid masonry, and it is designed to be applied over the dome of an oven (made of a castable such as Heat Cast 40 or firebricks), before the application of an exterior material.

For those seeking a flexible option, consider our FiberFrax Durablanket. It's made from spun ceramic fibers and is lightweight and thermally efficient. It comes in a 1" x 24" x 25' roll. Other sizes are also available so if you need a different size, please call or Contact Us using the page on our website. When a rigid insulation material is required, our Gemcolite refractory-grade ceramic fiber panels my be the solution. Ideal as a back-up material in flues, furnaces and ovens, they are resistant to thermal shock, corrosive agents and vibration. These boards come in a 1" x 24" x 48" size.

We also sell wire mesh, ceramic fiber paper, and numerous insulation kits.

If you wish to apply both a refractory castable (such as Insul Cast) and a ceramic blanket in a pizza or any kind of bake oven, the castable refractory should be applied first, on the outside surface of the dome, before applying a ceramic blanket. After the ceramic fiber blanket, you can follow with wire mesh, and then apply your exterior material such as tile, stucco, etc.

Call or contact us through our Contact Us page for more information. More technical questions can be addressed by our manufacturer partners, which we will be glad to discuss with you. Thank you.
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