Vicar Industries LLC is an ecommerce dealer for a wide variety of construction materials. We provide products that meet the demanding needs of today’s masons, construction managers, contractors, architects, engineers, facilities managers, restorers, artisans, maintenance professionals and homeowners. Our product line includes refractory mortar and castable materials, provided in dry mix and premix formulas. These products can be used to cast shapes, set high temperature firebricks, insulate metal and masonry structures, and patch and repair masonry and other surfaces. We also offer tools, sealants, insulation and cleaners for commercial and industrial applications, as well as chimney, pizza oven, and fireplace supplies.

Through our contacts and resources, we source many products for the trade as well as the DIY market. We provide an efficient, cost-effective way to obtain many sought-after construction products, with an emphasis on those used to build, repair, restore, insulate and clean fireplaces, chimneys, residential and commercial ovens, furnaces, boilers, burners, and more. 

We are America's trusted suppler for these construction materials, and we look forward to servicing your needs.  


FREE shipping is available for all orders (contiguous US only). To place a larger order, or for specific questions, please contact us at (716) 442-3004.