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High Temperature Fire-Resistant Refractory Mortar

In the realm of construction, the quality and resilience of materials used are paramount. At Vicar Industries, we pride ourselves in offering superior masonry construction products that cater precisely to your needs. Our extensive portfolio encompasses a wide range of products, including high-temperature mortar and refractory mortar mix, renowned for their exceptional durability and versatility. Our offerings withstand the test of time while adhering to the highest industry standards. What’s more, our firebrick mortar products boast affordable prices without compromising on quality, making us a preferred choice for architects, estimators, general contractors, and masonry professionals alike. As America’s trusted supplier of masonry materials, we look forward to servicing your needs.

Through our suppliers we provide products that have been rigorously tested to meet or exceed the highest masonry standards. Common applications include forges, furnaces, fireplaces, chimneys, kilns, pizza ovens and fire pits. Refer to the manufacturers' websites for product data and safety information.

Looking for thin-set mortar to install firebrick inside a fireplace, pizza oven or a wood stove? Consider Heat Stop 50 or Heat Stop II dry mix products (inside or outside), or Plibrico Ultra Demon Air Set Mortar (inside only), or Heat Stop Premix (inside only).

Are you installing a clay flue liner? Consider Homesaver Flue Goo (inside use only), Heat Stop II or Heat Stop 50, dry mix products suitable where moisture may be present in installation. Heat Stop 50 is the most economical choice. Note that Flue Goo cannot be used in exterior applications.

Need to parge refractory insulation over firebrick or seal a wall penetration? Consider Plistix SR-68, or Insul Stick.

Need to seal or insulate a smoke chamber? Consider Insul Stick or Heat Shield Formula 51. 

Do you need to cast a fire-resistant hearth? Use Heat Cast 40, Plicast KL 3000, or Plicast Hymor 3000 KK.

Are you looking for an insulation material above a masonry oven dome or under a hearth? Consider Plicast LWI 24 or Insul Cast.

Are you casting a dome, hearth, or wall for a pizza oven? Use Plicast Tuff Mix KK, PLicast KL 3000, Plicast Hymor 3000 KK, or Heat Cast 40.

Are you looking for a good, all-around high temperature castable that is installer friendly and can be used by blacksmiths, hobbyists and others engaged in forging and a variety of applications? Consider Plicast Hymor 3000 KK

These are just a few of the ways to use the products we sell. Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask.

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