Customers often ask...which mortar product do I need? Here are some possible applications. If you don't see your particular project here, call us at (716) 442-3004 or email us using the Contact Us link at the bottom left of our home page. All of our mortar products can be found on our Residential Mortars, Ovenzz, or Industrial Refractories pages.

Looking for thin-set mortar to install firebrick inside a fireplace, oven or a wood stove? Consider Mortar Mix-413, Heat Stop 50, or Heat Stop II (inside or outside). Sairbond (dry mix), Sairset (premix), or Heat Stop Premix can also be used (inside only).

Are you installing a clay flue liner? Consider Heat Stop II or Heat Stop 50, dry mix products suitable where moisture is present in installation.

Need to parge insulation over firebrick or seal a wall penetration? Consider Heat Shield Formula 51, Insul Stick or Greenpatch-421.

Do you need to cast a fire-resistant hearth? Use KS-4V, Heat Cast 40, MC-25 Plus, or KS-4V.

Looking to use a castable instead of bricks for the inside walls or hearth floor of a fireplace? Consider casting a shape using KS-4V, Heat Cast 40, or MC-25 Plus.

Are you looking for an insulation material above a masonry oven dome or under a hearth? Consider Kast-O-Lite or Insul Cast.

Are you casting a dome, hearth, or wall for a pizza oven? Use Mizzou Castable Plus, Heat Cast 40, MC-25 Plus, or KS-4V.

Are you looking for a good, all-around high temperature castable that is installer friendly and can be used by blacksmiths, hobbyists and others engaged in forging and a variety of applications? Conisder Mizzou Castable Plus.