Homesaver Guardian Chimney Cap

Homesaver cap sizes: 6" round flue size - 5" screen height - 13" lid diameter


Our Homesaver Guardian metal replacement chimney caps with screens built in provide a tight fit on a metal chimney liner as well as solid-pack, factory built chimneys. Made of high-quality, 304 gauge stainless steel alloy and featuring a 5/8" mesh, these chimney caps come pre-assembled and are easy to install. Simply measure the inside diameter of your chimney liner or factory built chimney. That is the size of Guardian Cap you need. The inside collar of the cap squeezes in slightly and just pushes down inside the pipe with a friction fit.
Select the cap size that matches the inside diameter of the chimney pipe. 
Lifetime warranty. NOTE: The air-cooled version of this cap (used to terminate air-cooled, factory-built chimneys) is also available in select sizes. Call for pricing. 

Shipping is FREE for all orders (contiguous US only).

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