Plicast Trowel Mix KK - A Trowel-able, Sticky, Intermediate Duty 2400 Degree Castable

Product Size: Plicast Trowel Mix KK - 1 - 55 lb bag


Plicast Trowel Mix KK is a general use, intermediate duty, 2400 degree F castable refractory engineered to mix to a thick, sticky consistency. FREE Shipping.

Plicast®️ Trowl Mix is a general use, intermediate duty, 2400°F service limit castable engineered to mix to a thick, sticky consistency. This tacky consistency allows it to be installed via troweling … even on vertical and some overhead applications that have proper anchoring installed. In addition, Plicast Trowel Mix is great to use for repairs on spalled and cracked refractory surfaces. Product characteristics and advantages include:

  • Moderate density
  • Adequate physical strength
  • Good adherence to refractory surfaces
  • Wide mixing water ranges
  • Though typically cast/ troweled, Plicast Trowel Mix also has very good dry gunning characteristics with or without pre-dampening.

This material has been engineered for troweling applications and repairs that require a general use, intermediate duty, 2400°F refractory castable, including:

  1. Boilers – fire tube and water tube
  2. Reheat and forge furnaces
  3. Incinerators and thermal oxidizers
  4. Wood burning stoves

For install instructions click here

For the technical data sheet click here. 

Mix 4.5-5.5 quarts of water per bag. Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. 

Available in a 55 lb. bag. Options: 1 bag, 4 bags, 6 bags, and 10 bags. Shipping is FREE (contiguous US).

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