Plistix SR-68 - a Fine Grain, Phosphate Based Refractory Patching Product



Plistix SR-68 is a Fine Grain, Phosphate Based Refractory Patching Product. It can be used a a coating material for brick. It can be used as a patch product inside a fireplace, boiler or oven. Available in a 50-lb pail. FREE Shipping.

Plistix™️ SR-68 is a fine grain, mullite based, phosphate bond “plaster” type refractory service mix. Similar in chemistry and minerology to the other Plibrico Company mullite based phosphate bond plastic refractories, Plistix SR-68 is manufactured with a thick mortar type consistency making it ideal for patching and service applications. It can be applied with a trowel as is from the bucket, or thinned with water for a grout or wash coat. It has a service limit temperature of 3100 degrees F. Product attributes include:

  • Plaster type consistency
  • Good bonding strength to old refractory
  • Good slag resistance
  • Non-wetting to aluminum
  • Meets ASTM classification C673 70% Alumina

This material is best used for repairs in industrial processes that require a high strength service mix:

  1. Worn, abraded refractory surfaces
  2. Spalled refractories
  3. Cracks
  4. Incineration
  5. Waste to Heat – Boilers
  6. Fill gaps / holes in a fireplace

Available in a 50 lb. pail.  

For indoor use only. Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. 

FREE Shipping (for all orders within the contiguous US).

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