Infrared Thermometer



Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the Home Infrared Temperature Gun is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It lets you safely measure surface temperatures from a distance while still maintaining laser-sharp accuracy. Measure extreme temperatures ranging from -58°F (-50°C) to 1022°F (550°C) without ever needing to come in contact with the surface in question. Use this must have Pizza Oven accessory to cook at the perfect temperature for your specific dough recipe and make the best pizzas money can buy! Besides pizzas - freely use it to scan a plethora of applications, from internal electronic components to cooking oil. With user-friendly operation and a temperature measurement range that surpasses boiling points, the possibilities are endless.

  • Keep gun around 14.17 inches away from measured surface. This will read a temperature of a 1.18-inch circle.
  • Simply point and shoot the laser at your desired target and it will instantly read the temperature on the LCD screen. It can sense target temperatures of -58F to 1022F/-50C-550C. A simple toggle button allows you to switch from C to F.
  • Low battery indicator tells you when a replacement is needed. 9v Battery comes standard with each temperature gun.
  • Not for taking internal temperatures of humans. Those temperatures will not read accurately.
  • FREE Shipping (within the contiguous US). 

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