Chimney RX Masonry Crack and Joint Sealant

Product Size: Chimney RX Masonry Crack and Joint


Crack and Joint Sealant is a unique, breathable, silicone elastomer, used to seal small holes and visible cracks in chimneys. Think of it as a paintable caulk. Use it for sealing minor cracks (up to 1/8) and defects in mortar joints where the mortar and chimney are otherwise sound. This allows you to easily correct these defects without the time and expense of tuck-pointing. Dries in about 6 hours to a cloudy (milky white) film that will not significantly change the chimneys appearance. Available in a one pint container. (See MasonrySaver Crack and Joint product for a larger, one-half gallon size.) Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask.  Remember, shipping is FREE (contiguous US only).

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