MaxPly Ceramic Fiber Paper - 2300 Degrees



Maxply is a refractory ceramic fiber insulation manufactured from high index, high purity spun fiber with an acrylic latex binder to form a uniform, strong, flexible, lightweight sheet. The high temperature stability combined with extremely low thermal conductivity make MaxPly the perfect solution for many different applications as a thermal insulator, heat shield, gasket or seal. Used where thin, lightweight, high temperature material are needed.  It has a 2300 degree maximum temperature rating. Available size: 1/4"x24"x50' roll. Call for other sizes. Common applications include:

  • Automotive: exhaust heat shields, airbag inflators, lithium battery separators
  • Appliances: ovens, stoves, electric heaters, wood burning stoves
  • Industrial: ceramic & glass, petrochemical, steel, non-ferrous metals
  • Other: Aerospace & fire protection

Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask.  Shipping is FREE (contiguous US only). 

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