Plicast KL 3000 - A 3000°F Castable to cast a forge, hearth or dome in a pizza oven

Product Size: Plicast KL 3000 - 1 - 55 lb


Plicast KL 3000 is a Super Duty class of air bond plastic refractory. FREE Shipping.

Plicast® KL 3000 KK is a conventional 3000°F class castable.   Plicast KL 3000 KK is based on super duty aggregate and high purity calcium aluminate cement.   A good fit for less demanding applications, this durable material has been a go to, general use castables for decades. It can be used to cast a forge, or the hearth or dome in a pizza oven.  Product characteristics include:

  • Moderate density
  • Good cold and hot strength
  • Moderate thermal conductivity
  • Good volume stability
  • Moderate thermal expansion 
  • Economical and easy to use

Engineered for field cast applications that require a general use 3000°F super duty castable including:

  1. Homogenizing and annealing furnaces – car bottoms and bases
  2. Reheat and forge furnaces – walls and roofs
  3. Boilers – baffles and tube insulation
  4. Incinerators and thermal oxidizers
  5. Soaking pits
  6. Gypsum kettles
  7. Stacks
  8. Pizza ovens

For technical data sheet, click here

Mix 2.8-3.2 quarts of water per bag. Approximately 130 lbs. per cu. ft. will be needed in service. Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. 

Shipping is FREE on all orders (contiguous US). Available in a single bag, 6 bags and 10 bags.

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