Pneumatic Mortar Removal Set



Utilizing a pneumatic hammer originally designed for stone sculptors, our Pneumatic Mortar Removal Set is powerful enough to cut through the hardest mortars yet precise enough for tight work between fragile historic building materials.  Eliminating the dust and damage caused by grinders and diamond blades is also a key benefit to working with pneumatic tools, and they are often the only power tools approved for use during historic restoration projects. Includes the following (compressor not included):

  • 1in Type-B Short-stroke Pneumatic Hammer
  • Complete 10' Airhose Assembly with Male and Female Staubli Quick Connects
  • 1/8in and 1/4in Carbide Cape Chisels
  • 4-Tooth Carbide Ripper
  • 1/4in Steel Swept Cape Chisel
  • Chisel Retainer, Striking Cape, Extra Male Staubli Quick Connect
  • Canvas Tool Wrap
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