Wedge and Shim Sets

Size: 3/8in Hole Diameter w/ 2-1/2in Hole Depth


Note updated quantity for these sets! Looking for stone splitting tools? Don't let their size fool you. These Wedge & Shim sets are powerful, cost-effective stone splitting tools. With the right selection and technique, these modest tools can split nearly any size stone. 
  • Size indicates recommended hole diameter
  • Each option includes a package of five sets, with a set being one wedge and two shims (a total of 5 wedges and 10 shims)
**NOTE FOR SOFT STONE OR DIFFICULT SPLITS: Consider drilling holes closer together and/or deeper into the stone to help weaken the stone along the split plane. This may also help increase the splitting capacity of the Wedges & Shims when faced with a difficult or precise split, or when circumstances limit the hole diameter that can be drilled. 

Preparing the Stone

  1. Stone Location: If possible, position the stone (or choose a split plane) that will allow an isolated portion of stone to fall away from your split. (e.g. Place the stone on a piece of lumber to create a fulcrum on the bottom side of the split plane.) When splitting stones that are partially buried or splitting off sections of ledge/bedrock, expose as much of the stone as possible and focus on splitting off fully exposed sections of stone.
  2. Layout Holes: Use a straight edge to mark hole locations very 4-6in on-center across the top and sides of the stone (if necessary). This will establish your intended split plane. Keep the first and last holes about 4-6in away from the outside edges of the stone.
  3. Drilling Holes: Hold drill upright and steady during drilling to ensure each hole is plumb or drilled along the same split plane. Drill holes at least 1/4in deeper than the length of the wedge. Clear the holes of any excess stone dust.

Making the Split

  1. Wedge & Shims Placement: When properly positioned, about 2/3rds of the wedge should protrude above the hole from between the two shims. It is helpful to preassembling the Wedges & Shims in this position before placing them in the hole. Make sure the shims are positioned perpendicular to the split line (i.e. not facing hole to hole).
  2. Splitting: Use a light hammer to start tapping the wedges in sequence, firmly but without forcing, to build gradual, even pressure along the entire line of Wedges & Shims. Aggressive or forceful hammering will cause unnecessary damage and wear to the Wedges & Shims. If the wedges become too firm before a crack develops, allow the Wedges & Shims to briefly “rest” before continuing to drive the wedges into the stone.
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