Many people are afraid to use their fireplaces because of the smoke that enters the room. While there are many reasons for this to occur, quite often the problem begins with your flue. When working correctly, your flue vents the smoke through the fireplace opening and out through the chimney to the outside of your home. Sometimes blockage, such as from creosote buildup, a bird's nest or debris blown by the wind can prevent this from occurring properly. In some cases poor ventilation occurs because the home is insulated so well, that there isn't sufficient draft. A fireplace that doesn't get sufficient draft can allow soot, smoke and ash to spill into your home - making for a less than desirable experience. There is a solution, of course, and that's to install a chimney fan.

Chimney fans create a reliable draft and expel these harmful materials from your fireplace and home. We offer the Enervex line of fans because they are a world leader in this line of product. They are maintenance-free, and there are models made specially for wood and gas fireplaces. They are designed to move smoke sideways (horizontally) just like a cap, and come in four different base sizes. These fans are installed on top of the chimney outside your home, out of site. They feature a variable speed motor, and come with a complete fan and control package. When you hire a professional to clean your chimney, they do not need to remove the fan - they come hinged to provide access to your flue without removing the fan.

If you want to keep your home soot and smoke free, and reduce fuel costs in the process, consider a maintenance-free Enervex chimney fan. Always consult with a professional to investigate your particular issue.
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