Our Rainbow Color products can be used to tint any masonry product, including mortar, cement or gypsum. They can even be used to tint latex or oil-based paints. Our color products are weather resistant, uniform, and will not quickly deteriorate in storage. These products are non-reactive, and are free from soluble salts and acids. Since they are compatible with one another, try mixing colors to achieve the desired shade you are looking for. Keep in mind that the color charts are approximate and you may need to experiment to obtain the right shade. The manufacturer generally recommends 5 pounds of color per 94 lb. bag of cement. However, lighter pastel shades can be obtained using less, while deeper shades may require more. Our Heat Stop dry mix products without color added will dry as light grey, while the premixed products dry dark grey. (The Domestic Fireplace Mortar version of Heat Stop drys in a beige color.)

Rainbow Color comes in sealed plastic bags. in 1 lb. and 5 lb. boxes.
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