Plicast Tuff Mix KK - Useful as a casting material for a furnace, pizza oven dome or hearth

Product Size: Plicast Tuff Mix KK - 1 - 55 lb bag


Plicast Tuff Mix KK is an industry standard castable for general use.  Can be used as a casting material for a furnace, as well as a pizza oven dome or hearth. FREE Shipping.

Plicast® Tuff Mix is a Plibrico industry standard castable mix for general use up to 2500°F. This versatile refractory possesses moderate density, good strength as well as excellent castablity. Rated at 2500 degrees F, and engineered to be installation friendly, Plicast Tuff Mix has applications across virtually every industry. It can be used to cast shapes for a pizza oven (dome, or hearth). Product advantages include:

  • Good strength-to-density ratio for economical use
  • Good volume stability
  • Moderate thermal expansion
  • Moderate thermal conductivity
  • Good water range for ease of installation

Terrific for intermediate duty, general refractory uses, typical applications include:

  1. Incinerator
  2. Boilers
  3. Fluid bed combustors
  4. Dryers and calciners
  5. Homogenizing and annealing furnaces
  6. Stacks
  7. Gypsum kettles
  8. Fireplaces
  9. Pizza oven dome or hearth
  10. Precast shapes, ie: Cleaver Brooks Tile

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Mix 3.0-3.4 quarts of water per bag. You'll need 126 lbs. of product per cubic foot in service. Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. 

Available options: 1 bag, 6 bags, 10 bags and full pallet of 72 bags. Shipping is FREE (contiguous US).

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