Plicast Hymor 3000 KK - A Classic, Super-Duty Castable Refractory Rated at 3,000 Degrees

Product Size: Plicast Hymor 3000 KK - 1 bag - 55 lb


Plicast Hymor 3000 KK is a Super Duty Castable Refractory Rated at 3,000 Degrees F. Suitable for blacksmithing, forging and other applications such as in casting for incinerators, boilers, and burner blocks. FREE Shipping.

Plicast® HyMOR® 3000 KK is the original “go-to” low cement castable introduced by the Plibrico Company.   The formula has been updated over time to reflect new raw materials and additive technology, as it was when it was first introduced, it is still a top industry performer.  Plicast HyMOR 3000 KK is a super duty class low cement castable based on a super duty aggregate with an enhanced matrix.   As a refractory field favorite, this castable has been used in essentially every industry because of its excellent physical characteristics.   These characteristics include:

  • Very good cold and hot strengths
  • Low abrasion loss:  8cc per ASTM C704
  • Good hot load resistance
  • Thermal shock and fracture resistant

Ideal for field cast and precast applications in industrial processes including:

  1. Precast Shapes – including burner cones and piers – various industries
  2. Mineral Processing Kilns – alumina and aggregate calcining
  3. Steel/Ferrous – reheat/forge furnace hearths, jambs, lintels, sills roof and walls; Pipe covering; Ladles
  4. Aluminum furnaces ( non-contact ) – roofs , upper walls and lintels
  5. Thermal oxidizers – inlets and burner cones, combustion chambers, choke rings
  6. Biomass Furnaces – Walls, combustion chamber, and tuyeres
  7. Boilers – including fluidized bed and recirculating fluidized bed boilers
  8. Pizza ovens - cast the hearth and dome

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Mix 1.9-2.0 quarts of water per bag. You'll need 139 lbs. per cu. ft. in service. Safety data sheets are available on request. Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Wear goggles, gloves and a mask. 

Shipping is FREE on all orders (contiguous US). Available in a single bag, 6 bags and 10 bags.

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